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Abdul Camel from Egypt is dreaming of lotus flowers and the desert

Here are Ma

and Joey




where I now live

Olaf Horse is covered in glowing patterns from chilly northern Sweden

Danilo Donkey carries parcels in his bags up and down the steep hills of Portugal

Thomas and Tabitha Cats

are from England, they are

covered in lots of wild and

garden flowers

Boris the Bear lives in Russia,

he is very proud of his bright traditional decorations

Tici Llama lives in the high Andes mountains  of Peru

Nandi Elephant from India

is a special favourite with all his bright painted colours ready for the procession

Fanni Nannygoat leaps

around the mountains of Switzerland so she

always keeps warm

Mother Hen and her chicks

are dreaming of Easter

and eggs and presents

Chandra Tiger hunts for his supper in the hot steamy jungle forests of Bengal

Stevie Stegosaurus,

being very very old,

is covered in

fossilised plants

and shells

Tombo Lion lies in the hot African sun enjoying the rich scents and sounds of the bush

Ming Loon Dragon

flies high over the

Great Wall of China

Bertie Brontosaurus, who is also very very old, is covered in fossils too.

There are twelve animals of the world for you to collect, they each have

their own picture to colour in.

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Soft toy animal kits

by Louise Elliott


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